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Nitasha Devasar (ed): Publishers on Publishing: Inside India’s Book Business

All About Book Publishing, New Delhi, India, 2018, 304 pp., Paperback, $9.00, ISBN: 978-81-936594-0-3
  • Zoya Khera
Book Review

What does a publishing market composed of 9000 publishers, producing 90,000 books every year in 22 official languages—not including the many regional dialects of these 22—in a single country look like? Nitasha Devasar attempts to answer this question through Publishers on Publishing, a reader on the Indian publishing industry. Despite being one of the largest English language book markets and an industry valued at $6.7 billion, very little has been written about the complex nature of India’s book business.

What makes the Indian book market so fascinating is exactly what makes it nearly impossible to talk about comprehensively—the immense amount of players, the many languages available, and most importantly the highly segmented nature of the industry. While western markets continue to consolidate, the Indian market remains steadfastly fragmented and diverse, relying more heavily on collaborations.

In Publishers on Publishing, Devasar sheds light on as many elements of this industry as...

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