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Lynette Owen, General Editor: Clark’s Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents

10th Edition, Bloomsbury Professional Publishers, London, 2018, 864 pp, Hardcover, $160.65, ISBN: 13-978-178419469
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The area of rights has been both a problem and an opportunity—though mostly a problem—in publishing for a very long time. Rights have particularly come into focus over the past twenty years or so, as digital technologies and the Internet have enabled publishers to slice, dice, and reformat their content into new pieces, shapes, sizes and appearances for different forms of exposure and revenue. Clark’s Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents (Bloomsbury Law) is prima facie evidence that while all that slicing, dicing, and reformatting may be easy with digital technology, it requires management of rights, which is never very easy.

Rights in publishing arise from copyright and other laws, but they are primarily embodied in contracts. Clark’s Publishing Agreements has contracts in it. Lotsof contracts. This 800-plus-page book—edited by Lynette Owen with contributions from about two dozen others—is now in its tenth edition; it has come a long way from the 176-page first edition in...


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