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Hypospadias Surgery: Science and Art - V.V.S. Chandrasekharam (ed)

Published by Thieme Publishers, India; 2020; ISBN: 978-93-88257-66-4; Pages: 212

Hypospadias Surgery: Science and Art is a well-illustrated handbook that discusses many operative techniques for the vast spectrum of the entity in detail. It briefly touches recent advances in the research into the causation of the congenital malformation as well as the post-operative assessment of the results.

While describing each technique, multiple high-quality intraoperative photographs are provided to explain the salient steps of the procedure. Each technique is followed by “Author’s comments” in which the author discusses the finer points of the technique through insights gained from his own experience with over 1200 operations.

There are few recommendations given in the handbook that could be disputed, for example-

  1. 1.

    That the boys with element of androgen insensitivity would need higher doses of pre-operative hormones.

  2. 2.

    That the temporary recatheterization would help early spontaneous healing of early fistulas.

  3. 3.

    That the Mathieu’s operation could be a good surgery for previously failed distal hypospadias.

The book will be an immensely useful resource for postgraduate students of pediatric surgery, urology and plastic surgery and all the aficionados of this congenital malformation, few of whom take pride in calling themselves as hypospadiologists.

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Correspondence to Yogesh Kumar Sarin.

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