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Child with Progressive Hemiparesis: Think Beyond Neoplastic Disorders- Correspondence

  • J. B. GhoshEmail author

To the Editor:I have read with great interest the article entitled “Child with progressive hemiparesis: think beyond neoplastic disorders” by Sharawat et al. published recently [1]. In the index case the child developed deterioration of motor skills involving right upper and lower limbs and speech abnormality indicating regression of previously achieved normal development, which was also progressive in character. The child did not have any symptom suggestive of raised intracranial pressure (RIP), papilledema or false localising signs of brain neoplasm. Therefore, in the face of regression of milestones of progressive nature without clinical evidence of RIP, provisional diagnosis of degenerative brain disease (DBD) should appear instead of intracranial space occupying lesion which the author has considered. In view of absence of seizures, hearing or visual impairments, intellectual deterioration and presence of spasticity and bilateral pyramidal signs in the early part of illness,...


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  1. 1.Department of PediatricsI.P.G.M.E.R & S.S.K.M HospitalKolkataIndia

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