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Organ Function Tests: Sowbhagya Lakshmi and TV Sowmya (eds)

Published by Paras Medical Publisher, Hyderabad, India; 2019; First Edition; ISBN: 978-81-8191-500-9; Price: INR 295.00
  • Savita Verma AttriEmail author
Book Review

The 1stedition of this book is structured by the authors mainly to create interest in medical students for Biochemistry, which is otherwise considered a relatively dry and tough subject by them and authors have been successful in their endeavour. This book is going to be a very useful companion for the undergraduate and postgraduate medical students during their clinical postings, bed side clinics, morning academic sessions and house jobs when they are attending the patients in real life and are trying to understand which relevant laboratory tests are to be ordered for a particular disease and how to interpret the reports in context to the patient status.

The book starts with chapter that describes do’s and don’ts for collection of biological material for organ function tests. The next chapters provide a comprehensive view of vital organs with respect to their location, their importance and functions in the body; their respective disorders, diseases and various function tests followed by questions for self-assessment, MCQs and case studies. The book provides basic knowledge on various routine function tests like Liver Function tests, Kidney Function tests, Cardiac Function tests, Thyroid Function tests, Pancreas Function tests and Gastric Function tests. A few metabolic disorders have also been touched upon. The diagrams and flow charts give a quick glimpse of the topic and help the readers to recapitulate the subject. The second last chapter deals with reference values of common biochemical tests and the last chapter provides answers to MCQs and analysis and interpretation of case studies. The students preparing for PG entrance exam may get benefitted from MCQs and clinical case scenarios presented in the book.

The two authors are experts in the field of Biochemistry and they have used their basic and clinical knowledge and experience to bring out this excellent book. It is going to be a very handy and immensely useful companion for medical students and residents.


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