Chest Tuberculosis in Children

  • Priyanka Naranje
  • Ashu Seith BhallaEmail author
  • Poonam Sherwani
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Chest is the commonest site of involvement by tuberculosis (TB) in children; lungs being the most frequently affected region, followed by nodes, pleura and chest wall. It is difficult to diagnose TB in children due to lack of overt symptoms and difficulty in obtaining samples for microbiological confirmation. Hence various imaging modalities play an important role in diagnostic algorithm as well as in follow-up after treatment. Standardization of chest radiograph reporting in context of clinically suspected TB is the need of the hour so as to suggest a proper diagnosis and avoid over-diagnosis. This article aims to discuss the imaging features of chest tuberculosis according to the site of involvement on various imaging modalities in the pediatric population.


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PN: Manuscript preparation, figures & cases and literature search; ASB: Conception and design of the work, drafting the article, critical revision of the article; PS: Literature search, writing the initial draft and figures. The final manuscript was checked and approved by all the authors.ASB will act as guarantor for this paper.

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