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Systematic review of the mesopancreas: concept and clinical implications

  • J. M. Ramia
  • R. De-la-Plaza
  • A. Manuel-Vazquez
  • A. Lopez-Marcano
  • R. Morales
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In 2007, Gockel et al. coined the term mesopancreas (MP). In the next 10 years, a limited number of publications about MP have been published, but little is known about the oncological benefit of MP resection. We performed a systematic review of the literature on MP.


An electronic search was performed in PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane, Latindex, Scielo, and Koreamed databases until 15 June 2017 to identify all published articles dealing with the subject of MP. Some language restriction was done (Chinese and Rumanian).


The search yielded 51 articles; 28 articles were selected as relevant. All were retrospective studies focused more on describing technical variants, feasibility and safety than on the cancer results. The R0 rate in patients with MP resection ranged between 57 and 96.7%. In all the articles with a control group, the R0 rate was higher in the MP excision group. Survival data were explicitly stated only in five series.


MP is a difficult-to-excise retropancreatic area. In theory, it is agreed that MP excision raises the rate of R0 resections, which in turn reflected in an improvement in the oncological results; however, at present there are no randomized studies to prove this. Achieving a worldwide consensus on its concept, landmarks, excision technique and oncological results is essential.


Meso-pancreatoduodenum Mesopancreas Pancreas Surgery Review 



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