Chronic Otitis Media and its Correlation with Unilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss in a Tertiary Care Centre of North India

  • Amit Kumar RanaEmail author
  • Rachana Singh
  • Deepak Upadhyay
  • Surendra Prasad
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Relation between chronic otitis media and sensorineural hearing loss is controversial. Otitis media can cause threshold shift in high frequency range. Also this correlation with patient’s age, disease duration and normal ear is of importance for early prevention of hearing loss. The aim of this study was to evaluate relationship between sensorineural hearing loss and chronic otitis media. We also studied association of bone conduction between diseased ear and contralateral normal ear. In this study, 840 patients of unilateral COM were included. Audiometry was done and data analyzed. Majority of patients showing SNHL had COM for over a period of 5 years. Squamosal disease showed early progression to SNHL than mucosal disease. Higher frequencies were found to be more affected and maximum bone gap was seen at 4000 Hz. There was significant difference in mean bone conduction threshold between diseased ear and normal ear at all frequencies (p value < 0.001). Contradicting studies have emerged about association of SNHL with COM. Studies suggest that SNHL does not change with age but with duration. Bone conduction threshold tends to increase with increasing frequency. Few authors also pointed that this may be due to Carhart’s effect and not due to disease damaging inner ear.


Sensorineural Hearing loss Bone conduction Carhart effect 



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