Frontoethmoid Osteoma Operated by Combined Approach: A Case Report

  • Vasant Gangadhar Pawar
  • Manu S. BabuEmail author
  • Suresh Kumar Tarachand Jain
  • Dharmendra K. Rai
  • Supriya G. Gaware
Clinical Report


Osteoma is the most common benign neoplasm of the nose and paranasal sinuses. Despite their size, (osteomas can often reach several centimeters) they most often remain asymptomatic. Generally conservative treatment is recommended for asymptomatic osteomas, while symptomatic osteomas should be resected. As the frontal sinus is commonly affected, most surgical approaches mainly concentrate on resection of osteoma by external route endoscopic instruments offer an alternative approach to sinus surgery, enabling closer and more direct visualization of the anatomy, avoiding damage to surrounding structures as well as avoiding an external scar. In this article we describe a combined approach i.e. osteoplastic flap technique combined with endosocopic resection of a frontoethmoid osteoma. With proficient use of this method, complete removal of such tumours can be achieved with minimal morbidity.


Osteoma Frontoethmoid Conservative treatment Osteoplastic flap Endoscopic resection 



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