Primary Osteosarcoma of Sphenoid and Ethmoid Sinus in a 17 Year Female: Case Report

  • Sandipta Mitra
  • Arya Brata DubeyEmail author
  • Mridul Janweja
Clinical Report


Primary osteosarcoma of sphenoid and ethmoid sinus present as a challenge in head neck cancer. A 17 year female presented with left sided hemifacial pain, headache with nasal discharge. Clinico-radiological finding showed mass in sphenoethmoid recess spreading to adjacent structures. Endoscopic resection was done. Histopathological diagnosis was osteosarcoma of sphenoid and ethmoid sinus. Adjuvant chemotherapy administered. Osteosarcomas of sphenoid and ethmoid sinus are aggressive tumors with variable clinical features warranting high clinical suspicion.


Osteosarcoma Sphenoid Ethmoid Paranasal sinus 


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