Conservative Curative Larynx Preserving Surgery for Subglottic Soft Tissue Recurrence Reinforced with Fascia-Lata and Strap Muscles

  • Dushyant Mandlik
  • Ashutosh VatsyayanEmail author
  • Purvi Patel
  • Parin Patel
  • Kaustubh Patel
Brief Communication


For early cancers of vocal cords, trans oral laryngeal surgery (TOLS) and curative radiotherapy (RT), have remained mainstay of treatment. Soft tissue recurrence in laryngeal cancers is not much documented, leading to absence of guidelines to deal with it, salvage total laryngectomy being the treatment of choice. We present a tailormade surgical procedure for limited soft tissue recurrence of glottic cancer extending into subglottic anterior soft tissue reinforced with fascia lata and strap muscles, previously treated with TOLS and/or RT.


Partial laryngectomy Fascia lata Cricoidectomy 


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  1. 1.Department of Head and Neck OncologyHCG Cancer CentreAhmedabadIndia

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