Bilateral Pneumothorax Post Emergency Airway Intervention

  • H. T. Anil
  • S. G. Smitha
  • Nikitha PillaiEmail author
Clinical Report


A patient with diffuse axonal injury, with compound type 2 fracture of left tibia and fat embolism, post road traffic accident, was taken up for tracheostomy. He was diagnosed to have developed bilateral pneumothorax following the procedure, which according to literature has been of rare incidence. The causes of the pneumothorax following the procedure could be attributed to a tear or trauma in the posterior tracheal wall while inserting the tube or due to the rupture of alveolar bullae or bleb.


Pneumothorax Tracheostomy Posterior tracheal wall injury Alveolar bleb Positive pressure ventilation 



We extend our gratitude to all the faculty members of the department and the management for giving their valuable opinion and suggestions during discussion of the case and also for extending their help towards working towards this article. We extend our gratefulness to the patient and his family members for their cooperation and patience during the course of recovery.

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