Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma of Parotid Gland: A Diagnostic Challenge

  • J. G. AishwaryaEmail author
  • Satish Nair
  • C. N. Patil
  • Swarna Shivakumar
  • N. Shrivalli
  • Ashish Shah
Clinical Report


Peripheral T-cell lymphoma of salivary gland is a rare clinical entity most commonly involving the parotid gland and mimics a salivary gland carcinoma. It has an aggressive clinical course with poor prognosis. Majority of the cases are diagnosed after surgical excision whereas the principal treatment is non-surgical (chemotherapy). Core biopsy is an excellent method of identifying these indeterminate lesions pre-operatively which would avoid unnecessary surgical intervention. We present a case report with diagnostic challenge in identifying peripheral T cell lymphoma of salivary gland with the review of literature.


Peripheral T-cell lymphoma Parotid gland Core biopsy 


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