Reliability of Thyroid FNAC as a Single Diagnostic Modality: A Systematic Review

  • Jayita PoduvalEmail author
  • Vinay Bhat
  • Paresh Naik
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To determine the reliability of thyroid FNAC as a single diagnostic modality in the case of nodular neoplastic lesions of the thyroid. Multiple databases were searched using the MESH terms thyroid*lesion*nodule*neoplasm*fine needle aspiration*histopathology*correlation. Meta analyses, RCTs, cohort or case control studies and case series were searched. 61 studies were examined to verify the search results after applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria. 422 studies were excluded after the first screening, leaving 61 full text articles. These were further analyzed for outcomes, and ultimately 9 studies were chosen for the final synthesis on the basis of clear recommendations given. FNAC as a single modality for the diagnosis of nodular neoplastic thyroid lesions is highly variable and therefore unreliable. The diagnostic yield may be improved if the Bethesda system of reporting is applied.


Thyroid FNAC Correlation Histopathology Bethesda 


Authors’ Contribution

The first author was responsible for the formulation of the research question and literature search, and synthesis of results. The second author carried out a separate and independent review of literature, and cross-checked the results. The third author was involved in assistance with the review of literature.

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The authors declare no conflict of interest for this study.


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