Clinico-Bacteriological Study of Chronic Otitis Media and its Prevalence in Tertiary Care Hospital

  • Kapil MeenaEmail author
  • Gaurav Batni
  • Rakesh Maran
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This Retrospective observational study was done over a period of 5 years, consisting of 2530 patients with chronic otitis media (COM) attended ENT OPD of a tertiary care hospital of Central India.COM commonly occurs in the age group from 11 to 20 years (37.12%). Females are more predominantly effected than males. Mucosal type (76.4%) is more common. Complications were associated with squamous type of COM.Pus culture showed positive growth of Pseudomonas in 33.9% cases. COM is a common public health problem that is often wrongly trivialized by people. Health awareness campaign, improved health education and easy accessibility to health care facilities can reduce the morbidity and mortality of this disease and therefore can reduce the incidence of this disease.


Chronic otitis media Cholesteatoma Otitis Media 


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  1. 1.Department of ENTChirayu Medical College and Research CentreBhopalIndia
  2. 2.Department of ENTRKDF Medical College Hospital and Research CentreBhopalIndia

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