Histological and Histochemical Observations on Mast Cell and Glands in Chronic Tonsillitis

  • Sushil Gaur
  • O. N. Sinha
  • Ashesh BhushanEmail author
  • Gaurav Batni
  • Monam Jain
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Mast cell take active part in immune system of body, clinical manifestations are closely related to hypersensitivity. Reactions and potent biological mediators released by these cells are responsible for different clinical manifestation like allergic reaction. Frequent and important sites of these allergic reactions occur in—upper aero digestive tract, nasal, pharyngeal and respiratory allergies. The study aims to demonstrate different types of heparin in mast cells having role in tonsillitis. Present work is to study distribution and histochemical nature of mast cells in human palatine tonsil in patients suffering from chronic tonsillitis. 20 cases were studied during the study. Diagnosis was done on clinical criteria—Anterior pillar flushing. Expulsion of cheesy material from the tonsillar crypts on pressing with tongue depressor. Palpable jugulodigastric group of lymph nodes. Dissected Tonsillar material fixed into fixative—staining done. For qualitative histological observation Harris Haemotoxylene with eosin used as counter stain. Normal Histological study of mast cell like size, shape, granules were done. Distribution of mast cells in different parts of Tonsillar Tissue was observed. Histochemical study of mast cells to determine nature of reactive substance was done. Tonsil contains mucous glands, no granular tissue in present study of chronic inflammatory reactions feasible in form of fibrosis, lymphatic infiltration in epithelium. Morphology of mast cells with toluidine blue at pH 2 and 4.4 gave better picture. Mast cells had varied shape and size in different places and points of same field of focus, oval, elongated, fusiform, pleomorphic in shape. Nucleus is central ill-defined masked by granules. Cytoplasm contains mast cell granules that stained blue with Alcian blue stain, purple to bluish purple with toluidine blue. Distribution of mast cells in present study: Mast cells were found at all places mostly concentrated at capsules. Lamina propria-1–2/hpf, capsule-4–5/hpf, connective tissue septa-1–2/hpf. Histochemical Feature- In present study, histochemical study remained confined to connective tissue septa of mast cells and biochemical nature of Heparin contained in it. In present work, the identification of mast cells is based on metachromatic reactions of its granules with acidified toluidine blue at pH 2 and buffered toluidine blue at pH 4.4 to identify mast cell granules containing higher and lower sulphates of heparin.


Chronic tonsillitis Mast cells Histopathology 


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