Aortic valve neo-cuspidation using the Ozaki technique for acquired and congenital disease: where does this procedure currently stand?

  • Christopher W. BairdEmail author
  • Supreet P. Marathe
  • Pedro J. del Nido
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The surgical treatment options for pediatric aortic valve disease are limited. The Ozaki procedure, which involves templated creation of new aortic valve leaflets, has proved to be a promising surgical technique. This review aims at elaborating the indications, technical intricacies, and outcomes of the aortic valve neo-cuspidization procedure (Ozaki procedure) in the pediatric population.


Ozaki procedure Aortic valve neo-cuspidization Aortic valve repair/reconstruction AVNeo 


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Dr. Baird has no financial relationship with JMODD but has participated in JMODD sponsored training of centers in the Ozaki procedure.

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The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest. Dr. Baird has no financial relationship with JMODD but has participated in JMODD sponsored training of centers in the Ozaki procedure.

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