Case report of thoracoscopic resection for broncholithiasis with severe obstructive pneumonia

  • Katsunari MatsuokaEmail author
  • Tetsu Yamada
  • Takahisa Matsuoka
  • Shinjiro Nagai
  • Mitsuhiro Ueda
  • Yoshihiro Miyamoto
Case report


Broncholithiasis is a rare disease characterized by bronchial erosion or distortion due to hilar or parenchymatous calcification. When a broncholith has no mobility and there is a risk of major bleeding if removal is attempted, surgical intervention is required. Most operations for broncholithiasis are performed via a thoracotomy, and bronchial lithotripsy under complete video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery has been reported only rarely. We have experienced a case of broncholithiasis with severe obstructive pneumonia that was treated successfully by video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. Thoracoscopic surgery is an effective treatment for broncholithiasis because it is minimally invasive and aids smooth recovery after surgery. When the adhesion between the pulmonary artery and the bronchus is highly advanced, it is advocated to cut them together using an endostapler.


Broncholithiasis Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery Obstructive pneumonia 




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