Aortic valve replacement in porcelain aorta—a novel technique for endoaortic occlusion

  • Karuppannan MukeshEmail author
  • Velayudhan Bashi


Aortic valve surgery invariably becomes a high-risk, challenging procedure when there is extensive calcification of the ascending aorta which precludes safe cross-clamping. Very few case reports of performing aortic valve surgery in this condition with a non-cross-clamping technique of using endoaortic occlusion have been reported. We describe and recommend a non-cross-clamping technique of using a semi-compliant polyurethane balloon catheter (CODA balloon, Cook Incorporated, Bloomington, IN) and report its successful outcome in a patient, with porcelain aorta, who underwent aortic valve replacement.


Porcelain aorta Aortic valve replacement Cross-clamping 


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