Retractor in retractor technique

  • Levent Çetin
  • Edip Temiz
  • Erkan KuralayEmail author


Placing retractor and stabilization devices during open heart surgery can be difficult in obese patients due to extremely short neck and excessive breast tissue. Off-pump coronary bypass operations in these patients can be particularly technically demanding. To overcome this difficulty, we have used two retractors concomitantly. The first retractor is placed to the edges of sternum and the second one is placed into this first retractor. This maneuver ensures an extra height, and placing stabilization devices in this second retractor is relatively easy. Thus, we suggest that adding this maneuver will facilitate off-pump coronary bypass operations.


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Lokman Hekim University has approved our technique since 2012 (Ap number: 2012/23-16).


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