Deceiving spindle cell sarcoma of the heart

  • Anil AcharyaEmail author
  • Raamesh Koirala
  • Nivesh Rajbhandari
  • Nirmal Panthee
Case Report


Primary cardiac tumors are rare and when they occur, 75% are benign. Atrial myxomas having a good prognosis compromise 50% of all primary cardiac tumors. Only 25% of the primary cardiac tumors are malignant and 75% of these malignant tumors are sarcomas. Sarcomas often occur in young patients without any predisposing factors and tend to have very poor prognosis. We present an unfortunate case of a young female with high-grade spindle cell sarcoma. She was initially diagnosed to have mitral valve pathology and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but confirmation of diagnosis was made only after a second operation and patient’s demise.


Cardiac neoplasm Mitral valve disease Sarcomas 


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