Replacing the ascending aorta in the elderly: do or do not

  • Ahmed Al-Adhami
  • Amer Harky
  • Mohamad BashirEmail author
  • Shyamsunder Kolvekar
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Advanced age is a proven independent factor for perioperative morbidity and mortality in all forms of aortic surgery and forms an important variable in most available risk scores. Improvements in selection and perioperative management of high-risk elderly cohorts have reduced the incidence of adverse outcomes. Concerns remain however in the surgical and anesthesiology community that exposing elderly frail patients to ascending aortic surgery is associated with significant risk. As with many clinical scenarios, individualization of care for each patient is of paramount importance. With advances in our understanding of perioperative and intraoperative care, age should no longer be considered in isolation as a contraindication to ascending aortic surgery.


Aorta Elderly Aneurysm 


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