Imaging modalities in the management of aortitis

  • Andrew Selvaraj
  • Niroshan Francis
  • Amer Harky
  • Giridhara Goli
  • Mohamad BashirEmail author
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Aortitis is a pathological term that refers to the inflammation of one or more layers of the aortic wall. It is associated with a wide spectrum of inflammatory diseases of infectious and non-infectious origins, and often present with vague clinical findings and non-specific laboratory results that can model other entities. As a result, aortitis may not form part of the initial workup and appropriate treatment can be delayed or missed. Therefore, imaging modalities are required to assess for inflammation and structural changes in the aorta to support or exclude the diagnosis of aortitis. This review presents current literature on the imaging modalities utilized in the diagnosis and management of aortitis, which surgeons and physicians should be familiar with for providing optimal patient care.


Aortitis Magnetic resonance imaging Positron emission tomography 


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