Primary pulmonary leiomyosarcoma—case report of a rare aggressive neoplasm

  • Mohd IlyasEmail author
  • Zubair Ahmad
  • Jan Mohd Suhail
  • Ghulam Mohammad

A 50-year-old male non-smoker and non-alcoholic was presented to the Emergency Medicine with the chief complaints of chest pain, cough, and hemoptysis for 2 days. There was no history of fever. The patient was non-smoker and non-alcoholic with no history of similar complaints in the past. A chest radiograph from 2-months back which was obtained as a part of routine pre-anesthetic checkup for cholecystectomy did not show any abnormality. He had no previous history of any radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

The general physical examination revealed no evident abnormality. The respiratory and heart sounds were normal. The blood pressure and pulse rate were 120/80 mmHg and 78 bpm, respectively. The patient had a temperature of 99 °F with respiratory rate of 16/min. A chest radiograph was done which revealed a radio-opaque irregular mass-like shadow in the right para-hilar region (Fig.  1). To evaluate further, contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) of the chest was performed using 64-slice...


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