Perspective. Reoperative Bentall: choice of conduits

  • Giuseppe Filiberto SerrainoEmail author
  • Marco Zanobini
  • Cesare Beghi
  • Daniele Maselli
  • Mohamad Bashir
  • Pasquale Mastroroberto
  • Giovanni Mariscalco
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The Bentall procedure represents the gold standard in the treatment of patients requiring aortic root replacement. The most common indications for redo Bentall are structural degeneration or graft infection. Redo aortic root replacement can be performed with low perioperative morbidity and death. The choice of the best conduit is still up for debate but is mandatory to guarantee the best and most durable option for the patient. New options are available to reduce mortality in older or fragile patients and can modify the conduit choice.


Bentall operation Root operation Conduit choice 


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