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Numerical investigation to predict optimum attack angle combination of longitudinal vortex generators in compact heat exchangers for thermo-hydraulic heightened performance

  • Mohd Zeeshan
  • Sujit NathEmail author
  • Dipankar Bhanja


The current 3-D numerical analysis explores the effect of combinations of rectangular winglet pairs (RWPs) having different attack angles (i.e. 5°, 15° and 25°) along a row of the tube array, on the performance of the fin and tube heat exchanger (FTHE). The considered airside Reynolds number Re ranges from 500 to 900. In total, six combinations of three attack angle vortex generators (VGs) have been numerically analysed namely 5°-15°-25°, 5°-25°-15°, 15°-5°-25°, 15°-25°-5°, 25°-5°-15° and 25°-15°-5°. The performance of the FTHE is represented by area goodness factor. The performance rankings of the FTHEs are also obtained by the MOORA method. Finally, 5°-25°-15° case provides the best thermal hydraulic performance for which heat transfer coefficient (h) is increased by 68.20% at Re = 500 and 81.78% at Re = 900, with a significant pressure drop penalty.


Fin and tube heat exchanger rectangular vortex generators area goodness factor MOORA method 



total heat transfer surface area (m2)


minimum flow area (m2)


specific heat (J kg−1 K−1)


outer tube diameter (m)


hydraulic diameter, Dh = 4AminL/AT


friction factor


fin pitch (m)


fin thickness (m)


air-side heat transfer coefficient (W m−2 K−1)


channel height (m)


winglet height (m)


Colburn j-factor


flow length (m)


mass flow rate (kg/s)


average Nusselt number


pressure (Pa)


fan power (W)


Prandtl number


longitudinal tube pitch (m)


span wise tube pitch (m)


heat transfer capacity (W)


air side Reynolds number


Stanton number


temperature (K)


outlet temperature (K)


wall temperature (K)

\( \bar{T} \)

bulk average temperature (K)


inlet temperature (K)


mean value of temperature

\( \bar{p} \)

bulk average pressure (Pa)


air side pressure drop (Pa)


free stream velocity (ms−1)


velocity in x-direction (ms−1)


velocity in y-direction (ms−1)


mean velocity at Amin (m s−1)


velocity in z-direction (m s−1)

Greek symbols


dynamic viscosity (Pa.S)


density (kg m−3)


thermal conductivity (W m−1K−1)


fan efficiency



finned tube heat exchanger


multi-objective optimization on the basis of ratio analysis


rectangular winglet pair


longitudinal vortex generators


common flow down


common flow up


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