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CAD modeling and finite elemental design of indigenous knee brace

  • Ashish Vaswani
  • Sharad ShrivastavaEmail author


Walking problems aggravate with the advent of old age. One of the treatments for the walking problems is the use of knee brace. This paper reviews the existing designs of knee braces, assesses their merits and demerits and proposes an efficient, cost-effective, light-weight and attractive design of knee brace for Indian population. This paper models design of knee brace and analyzes stress shielding capacity of the knee brace using Finite elemental analysis. This paper discusses how this knee brace can overcome difficulties faced by other knee braces in market.


Knee brace components of knee brace CAD modeling of knee brace FEM design of indigenous knee brace comparison of existing knee braces 



The first author (Ashish Vaswani) expresses his gratitude to his guide Dr Sharad Shrivastava for motivating to work in the interesting field of biomechanics. He would also like to express his gratitude to Dr Arun Jalan for helping to understand design concepts in this project and friends Mr Mohit, Mr Rahul, Mr Rohit and Mr Amrit for helping to understand software usage. Solidworks 2010 and ANSYS software came handy for bringing ideas into virtual reality. Ashish Vaswani thanks Mechanical Engineering Department and BITS Pilani for giving an excellent opportunity to realize scientific aptitude through the channel of thesis [16].


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringBITS PilaniPilaniIndia

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