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Analytical evaluation of cesium emission lines using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

  • Manjeet Singh
  • Arnab SarkarEmail author


A laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy-based method has been successfully developed to quantify cesium (Cs) in solution using spectroscopically pure graphite planchets as a sample support. As Cs is a line-poor system, only five usable Cs atomic emission lines could be found and characterised by employing high-resolution system. The calibration curves of these emission lines were constructed under optimised experimental conditions. The analytical properties of these calibration curves were evaluated based on the usable dynamic range, \(R^{2}\) of fitting, root mean square error cross-validation and limit of detection (LOD). The dynamic ranges of these five lines were found to be in correlation with the energy level involved in the transition. An LOD of 4 ppm was obtained using Cs(I) 852.11-nm line, which corresponds to 0.16 \(\mu \)g of Cs on the planchet. Based on the cross-validation approach, the best accuracy and precision (\(\sim \)6%) were obtained for 852.11 nm in <3000 ppm solutions, and the same is \(\sim \)8% for 672.33 nm and 697.33 nm in high concentrated solution of Cs.


Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy emission spectroscopy cesium linear dynamic range 


42.62.Fi 52.38.Mf 87.64.K.– 77.84.Bw 52.25.Os 



The authors acknowledge Dr. P G Jaison, Head, Mass Spectrometry Section and Dr. S Kannan, Head, Fuel Chemistry Division, BARC, for their constant support and encouragement in LIBS work. This work was funded by the BARC, DAE.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Fuel Chemistry DivisionBhabha Atomic Research CentreMumbaiIndia
  2. 2.Homi Bhabha National InstituteMumbaiIndia

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