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Decay of \(Z=82{-}102\) heavy nuclei via emission of one-proton and two-proton halo nuclei

  • K P SanthoshEmail author
  • Indu Sukumaran


The halo structure of a nucleus is investigated on the basis of separation energy consideration and potential energy calculations. Most of the predictions on the existence of halo nuclei are found to agree with the available experimental studies. For the first time, the possibility of emitting proton halo (p-halo) nuclei from heavy nuclei within the range \(82 \le Z \le 102\) has been studied by evaluating decay half-lives for the emission of 1p-halo nuclei \(^{8}\hbox {B}\), \(^{12}\hbox {N}\), \(^{13}\hbox {N}\), \(^{17}\hbox {F}\) and 2p-halo nuclei \(^{9}\hbox {C}\), \(^{17}\hbox {Ne}\), \(^{18}\hbox {Ne}\), \(^{20}\hbox {Mg}\) using Coulomb and proximity potential model (CPPM). Of these, the emissions of 1p-halo nuclei \(^{8}\hbox {B}\), \(^{12}\hbox {N}\), \(^{13}\hbox {N}\) and \(^{17}\hbox {F}\) are found to be probable from various heavy nuclei as the half-lives of the corresponding emissions are within the experimental upper limit (\(T_{1/2}\le 10^{30}\,\hbox {s}\)). When dealing with 2p-halo nuclei, its emission is observed to be less probable compared to 1p-halo nuclei, except \(^{18}\hbox {Ne}\). Compared to the probability of emission of a normal cluster, the probability of emission of a p-halo nucleus from a radioactive nuclide is found to be less but still, there is a finite probability of p-halo emissions from heavy nuclei.


Heavy particle decay halo nuclei \(\upalpha \)-decay 


23.70.+j 23.60.+e 27.90.+b 


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