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Effect of electric field and temperature on the binding energy of bound polaron in an anisotropic quantum dot

  • Shi-Hua ChenEmail author


The ratio between the confinement lengths in the xy-plane and the z direction plays an important role in determining the properties of anisotropic quantum dot. Within a variational approach of Pekar type, we investigated theoretically the effects of electric field and temperature on the ground-state binding energies of hydrogenic impurity polarons in KBr anisotropic quantum dot. The obtained results illustrate that the binding energies increase with the electric field strength and temperature but decrease with the position of the impurity when considering different confinement lengths in the xy-plane and the z direction and present the properties of the anisotropic quantum dot.


Bound polaron electric field temperature quantum dot 


63.20.Kr 71.38.−k 71.55.−i 


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  1. 1.Department of Electrical EngineeringHuzhou Vocational and Technical CollegeHuzhouChina

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