Tropical Plant Biology

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Genome-Wide Identification, Characterization of RDR Genes and their Expression Analysis during Reproductive Development and Stress in Pineapple

  • Zhenfang Li
  • Dingning Li
  • Baiyang Li
  • Yanhui Liu
  • Xiaoping Niu
  • Mohammad Aslam
  • Hanyang Cai
  • Zhenxia SuEmail author
  • Yuan QinEmail author


RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RDRs), involved in the production of various small interfering RNA (siRNA), play critical roles in plant growth, development process, and abiotic/biotic stresses. In this study, 5 RDR genes (AcRDRs) were identified from the pineapple genome. Phylogenetic analysis showed that AcRDRs could be divided into 4 subgroups. Gene structure analysis showed that the number of introns varied from 2 to 18. Furthermore, we analyzed AcRDR expression patterns in vegetative organs and in sexual organs, namely ovules and stamens, at different developmental stages respectively. AcRDR2, AcRDR3 and AcRDR6b showed higher expressions in the male and female reproductive organs, while AcRDR3 also was accumulated highly in sepal and fruit. AcRDR6a exhibited the highest expression levels at the mature ovule and stamen. AcRDR1 had an expression peak in the root. Furthermore, we checked the responses of AcRDRs to abiotic stresses and phytohormones. The results of this study provided basic genomic information for AcRDRs and insights into the probable roles of these genes in plant growth and development.


RNA-dependent RNA polymerases Pineapple Phylogenetic analysis Expression profiles Abiotic stresses 



We would like to thank the reviewers for their helpful comments on the original manuscript.

Author Contributions

Z.L designed the study and performed the experiments. D.L. and B.L performed the RT-PCR analysis. Z.X and Y.L performed the bioinformatics analysis on the gene family. X.N and H.C collected the samples. M.S. revised the manuscript. Y.Q. and Z.S conceived the study and wrote the manuscript.

Funding Information

This work was supported by the National Nature Science Foundation of China (U1605212; 31700278) and a Newton Advanced Fellowship to Y.Q.

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  • Zhenfang Li
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  • Dingning Li
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  • Baiyang Li
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  • Yanhui Liu
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  • Xiaoping Niu
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  • Mohammad Aslam
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  • Hanyang Cai
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  • Zhenxia Su
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  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Genetics, Breeding and Multiple Utilization of Crops, College of Crop ScienceFujian Agriculture and Forestry UniversityFuzhouChina
  2. 2.College of ForestryFujian Agriculture and Forestry UniversityFuzhouChina
  3. 3.College of Plant ProtectionFujian Agriculture and Forestry UniversityFuzhouChina
  4. 4.College of Life ScienceFujian Agriculture and Forestry UniversityFuzhouChina
  5. 5.Center for Genomics and Biotechnology, Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Haixia Applied Plant Systems Biology, Haixia Institute of Science and TechnologyFujian Agriculture and Forestry UniversityFuzhouChina

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