A comparative analysis due to the effect of point source on generation of SH wave

  • Shishir Gupta
  • Snehamoy PramanikEmail author
  • Smita
  • Arun Kumar Verma


The propagation of SH wave in a heterogeneous initially stressed viscoelastic layer lying over a heterogeneous initially stressed orthotropic half-space due to a point source is analysed mathematically. The dispersion equation of SH wave is obtained for the propagation of SH wave in a specified model. The method of Green’s function and Fourier transformation is incorporated to obtain the dispersion equation. The curves of dispersion equation are sketched for various values of heterogeneous parameters and initial stress on angular frequency, phase velocity and damping velocity in respect of wave number. The dispersion equation is derived for some special cases which reduces to the classical equation of Love-type wave. The present study reveals the effect of heterogeneous parameter and initial stress associated with both viscoelastic and orthotropic media.


Point source Green’s function fourier transformation viscoelastic orthotropic initial stress 



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  1. 1.Department of Applied MathematicsIndian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines)DhanbadIndia
  2. 2.Department of MathematicsHampton UniversityHamptonUSA

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