A novel 1,2,3-benzotriazolium based ionic liquid monomer for preparation of MMT/poly ionic liquid (PIL) pH-sensitive positive charge nanocomposites

  • Fatemeh Soghra Jahed
  • Mohammad GalehassadiEmail author
  • Soodabeh Davaran
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In this work, a new ionic liquid (IL) with two acidic and vinylic functional groups based on 1,2,3-benzotriazolium cation was synthesized. This IL monomer was intercalated into the montmorillonite (MMT) layers by the ion exchange reaction and subsequently copolymerized with the IL monomer and methacrylic acid in order to obtain positive charge pH-sensitive nanocomposites. The structure of the IL monomer was characterized by FT-IR and \(^{1}\hbox {H}\)-NMR spectroscopy, and the structure of the nanocomposites was studied and confirmed by the FT-IR, XRD, TGA, SEM, and EDX data. These pH-sensitive nanocarriers were used to load and in vitro release of the anticancer drug, methotrexate (MTX) in pH \(=\) 4 and pH \(=\) 7.4. The results showed that the release is pH dependent and more effective in acidic pH; therefore, these nanocarriers have potential to be used for cancer therapy.

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SYNOPSIS Synthesis and characterization of a new dual functional ionic liquid monomer and use of it to prepare positive charge pH-sensitive nanocomposites for anti-cancer drug delivery application. Results showed that use of only this monomer in the structure of nanocomposite is more effective to the delivery of negatively charged drugs.


IL monomer montmorillonite nanocomposites nanocarriers methotrexate cancer therapy 



This work is funded by the Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University.

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  • Fatemeh Soghra Jahed
    • 1
  • Mohammad Galehassadi
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    Email author
  • Soodabeh Davaran
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  1. 1.Department of Chemistry, Faculty of ScienceAzarbaijan Shahid Madani UniversityTabrizIran
  2. 2.Biotechnology Research CenterTabriz University of Medical SciencesTabrizIran

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