Hybrid composite of CuO with \(\hbox {g}\hbox {-C}_{3}\hbox {N}_{4}\) as a photoactive catalyst: an efficient approach for the oxidation of alcohols

  • Taskia Rahman
  • Geetika BorahEmail author
  • Pradip K GogoiEmail author
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An eco-friendly method for the oxidative transformation of alcohols to their corresponding carbonyl compounds by using \(\hbox {g-C}_{3}\hbox {N}_{4}@\hbox {CuO}\) as a photoactive heterogeneous catalyst has been developed. The catalyst was characterized by SEM-EDX, TEM, BET surface area measurements, powder XRD, FTIR, photoluminescence and UV-Vis spectroscopy. It was found to be very effective for the conversion of both primary and secondary alcohols into aldehydes and ketones with excellent yields using tert-butyl hydrogen peroxide (TBHP) as oxidant at room temperature in the presence of visible light in aqueous medium. The catalyst can be separated from the reaction mixture by simple centrifugation and reused up to five cycles without significant loss in activity.

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Hybrid composite of CuO with \(\hbox {g-C}_{3}\hbox {N}_{4}\) is a very efficient photocatalyst for oxidation of alcohol in aqueous media at room temperature and can be reused up to five cycles without significant loss in catalytic activity. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first example of a photoactive \(\hbox {g-C}_{3}\hbox {N}_{4}@\hbox {CuO}\) catalyst for the oxidative transformation of alcohol.


Nanocomposite graphitic carbon nitride alcohol oxidation copper oxide photocatalyst 



The authors acknowledge the analytical services provided by STIC Kochi, SAIF IIT Madras, SAIF NEHU Shillong, SAIF IIT Kanpur, and BIT Bengaluru. The authors are also grateful to UGC, New Delhi, India for the financial support under the scheme SAP-DRS-I (2016-2021) and the Department of Science and Technology for financial assistance under the DST-FIST program.

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