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Geometric isomerism effect on catalytic activities of bis(oxalato)diaquochromates(III) for 2-chloroallyl alcohol oligomerization

  • Joanna DrzeżdżonEmail author
  • Lech Chmurzyński
  • Dagmara Jacewicz
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The cis- and trans-potassium bis(oxalato)diaquochromates(III) have been studied towards their catalytic activity for the 2-chloroallyl alcohol oligomerization. The geometric isomerism effect on the oligomerization products under mild reaction conditions has been investigated. The molecular masses and tactic structures of obtained poly(2-chloroallyl alcohols) have been compared and analyzed. The mechanisms of oligomerization processes have been proposed. It has been proven that two studied complexes – cis-\(\hbox {K}[\hbox {Cr}(\hbox {C}_{2}\hbox {O}_{4})_{2}(\hbox {OH}_{2})_{2}]\) and trans-\(\hbox {K}[\hbox {Cr}(\hbox {C}_{2}\hbox {O}_{4})_{2}(\hbox {OH}_{2})_{2}]\cdot \hbox {3H}_{2}\hbox {O}\) are highly active catalysts for the oligomerization of the beta-olefin derivative.

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SYNOPSIS: The investigations show the catalytic activity of cis- and trans-potassium bis(oxalato)diaquochromates(III) for the 2-chloroallyl alcohol oligomerization. The geometric isomerism effect in the bis(oxalato)diaquochromates(III) has been analyzed for the values of the catalytic activity of the synthesized complexes and the identity of the oligomerization products.


Chromium(III) complexes catalytic activities polymerization oxalate ion 



This work was supported by National Science Centre, Poland under Grant Number 2015/19/N/ST5/00276.


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