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Monovalent \((\hbox {Li}^{+1})\) doping effect in multiferroic \(\hbox {GdMnO}_{3}\)

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This paper reports the temperature- and field-dependent magnetic properties of monovalent-doped polycrystalline sample \(\hbox {Gd}_{0.85}\hbox {Li}_{0.15}\hbox {MnO}_{3}\) (GLMO) prepared by conventional solid-state reaction route. Final sintering at 1673 K for 18 h yields in the formation of well-grown, impurity phase free, single-phased, orthorhombic structured (with Pbnm space group) crystal. The optical properties have been investigated by UV-absorption spectra. The room temperature UV-absorption spectrum using Tauc’s formula gives an optical band gap of\({\sim }\)3.12 eV. The paramagnetic (PM) state to incommensurate antiferromagnetic (ICAFM) state transition temperature increases due to Li doping. Magnetic hysteresis curve at 5 K signifies the Gd spin ordering.

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We wish to acknowledge UGC-DAE-CSR, Kolkata, for giving the instrumental facilities.

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Correspondence to Sudipta Pal.

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  • Manganites
  • optical properties
  • magnetic properties
  • magnetic phase transition