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Ion recognition and fluorescent imaging of conjugated polymer fluorescent probes for Fe(III)

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Novel polymer fluorescent probes for Fe(III) were synthesized to achieve a steady combination of ferric ions. In the Schiff base reaction of probes’ synthetic process, o-, m- and p-phenylenediamine were respectively introduced to result in a series of new conjugated polymer fluorescent probes. Analyses on optical properties of the probes and probe-Fe(III) characteristic recognition through FS showed an application of the conjugated probes in quantitative identification and detection of Fe(III) with quick responses. Fluorescent imaging of the probes and probe-Fe(III) in living cells in vitro revealed low toxicity of the probes and predicted the probes’ further application for instant \(\text {Fe}^{{3+}}\) detection in clinical diagnosis and dynamic tracing of \(\text {Fe}^{{3+}}\) in biological systems.

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This project was supported by Xi’an Medical University Research Fund (2017GJFY04, 2018PT67), Shaanxi Natural Science Basic Research Project (2017JQ8042, 2019JQ-068) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (81702955).

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Correspondence to Zhao Cheng.

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  • Polymer probes
  • Fe(III) recognition
  • quantitative detection
  • fluorescent imaging