Bulletin of Materials Science

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Temperature-dependent transport properties of a FeTe compound

  • Pavitra Devi Lodhi
  • Netram Kaurav
  • K K ChoudharyEmail author
  • Y K Kuo


Temperature-dependent transport properties of a FeTe parent compound have been investigated by measurements of electrical resistivity \(\rho (T)\), thermal conductivity \(\kappa (T)\) and Seebeck coefficient S(T). The sample was synthesized using a standard solid state reaction route via vacuum encapsulation and characterized by X-ray diffraction spectroscopy, which indicated a tetragonal phase with the space group \(P4/{ nmm}\). The resistivity measurement data of the parent FeTe compound do not exhibit superconductivity however, it shows an anomaly in the temperature-dependent resistivity at around 67 K, which corresponds to structural phase transition in the vicinity of a magnetic phase transition. In the low temperature regime, Seebeck coefficient, S(T), exhibited an anomalous dip feature and negative throughout the temperature range, indicating an electron-like, single band charge carrier mechanism. We have also estimated the power factor and thermoelectric figure of merit ZT, which is found to be significantly smaller than other compositions of iron chalcogenides.


Thermoelectric properties thermal conductivity resistivity Seebeck coefficient 



Dr V P S Awana, Superconductivity and Cryogenics Division, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, is gratefully acknowledged for providing the sample preparation facilities. Financial support from the UGC-DAE Centre for Scientific Research, Indore under CRS projects (NK) and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan under Grant Nos. MOST-103-2112-M-259-008-MY3 and MOST-106-2112-M-312 259-002-MY3 (YKK) are gratefully acknowledged.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Pavitra Devi Lodhi
    • 1
  • Netram Kaurav
    • 1
  • K K Choudhary
    • 2
    Email author
  • Y K Kuo
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of PhysicsGovernment Holkar Science CollegeIndoreIndia
  2. 2.Army Cadet CollegeIndian Military AcademyDehradunIndia
  3. 3.Department of PhysicsNational Dong Hwa UniversityHualienTaiwan

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