Hydrothermal synthesis of spindle-like \({\hbox {SrMoO}}_{4}{:}{\hbox {Ln}}^{3+}\) (Ln = Eu and Tb) microarchitectures for selectively detecting \({\hbox {Fe}}^{3+}\) ions

  • Liyong WangEmail author
  • Xue Jiang
  • Xue Wang
  • Nan Wang
  • Qingwei Song
  • Yuanyuan Han
  • Jie Du


In this work, spindle-like micrometre \({\hbox {SrMoO}}_{4}{:}{\hbox {Ln}}^{3+}\) (Tb, Eu) phosphors have been synthesized and designed as a fluorescent sensor for \({\hbox {Fe}}^{3+}\) ions assay. The structural information, morphologies and luminescence properties of the samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, Fourier-transform infrared, Raman analysis, field-emission scanning electron microscopy and photoluminescence patterns. Furthermore, \({\hbox {Fe}}^{3+}\) ions could be immediately detected using fluorescence quenching methods, and this method shows excellent and satisfying sensitivity. This facile method could be extended to environmental and biological applications.


Fluorescent sensor \({\hbox {Fe}}^{3+}\) detection hydrothermal method photoluminescence 



This study was funded by the Project of Medical disciplines construction funds of Hebei University (grant no. 2015A2004), Students Research Fund of Hebei University (2016066, 2017012) and Natural Science Foundation of Hebei University (grant no. 2013-254).


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  1. 1.College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Key Laboratory of Medicine Chemistry and Molecular Diagnosis, Ministry of EducationHebei UniversityBaodingPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Medical Experimental Centre of Hebei UniversityBaodingPeople’s Republic of China

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