Effect of short fibre orientation on the mechanical characterization of a composite material-hybrid fibre reinforced polymer matrix

  • D Bino Prince RajaEmail author
  • B Stanly Jones Retnam


Polymer matrix composites (PMCs) are widely used materials in aerospace structures, boat hulls, automotive parts, etc. Since the progression of PMCs, a single fibre composite lags the addition of one or more fibres prepared as a hybrid composite which can be used to enhance their mechanical properties. Hybrid bamboo/glass fibres as the alternative replacement for polyester composites have been fabricated with \(\pm 60{^{\circ }}\) orientation, and coconut shell powder in micro and nanosized particles was added as the filler materials. Mechanical properties such as tensile, flexural, and impact strength, hardness number, and fatigue behaviour were investigated. The fractured surfaces of the composites were observed by scanning electron microscopy analysis. The test results reveal that the bamboo fibres in combination with glass fibres show an enhancement in their mechanical properties like strength and stiffness, and are suitable for aerospace applications.


Hybrid fibre polyester tensile strength flexural fatigue SEM 


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  1. 1.Department of Aeronautical EngineeringNoorul Islam Centre for Higher EducationKanyakumariIndia
  2. 2.Department of Automobile EngineeringNoorul Islam Centre for Higher EducationKanyakumariIndia

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