Influence of the electrochemical properties of vanadium oxides on specific capacitance by molybdenum doping

  • Yuting Huang
  • Yifu ZhangEmail author


Molybdenum (Mo)-doped vanadium dioxide (\(\hbox {VO}_{2}\)(B)) nanobelts were successfully synthesized using commercial vanadium pentoxide (\(\hbox {V}_{2}\hbox {O}_{5}\)) as the starting material and ammonium molybdate as the dopant by a simple hydrothermal route. Then, Mo-doped \(\hbox {VO}_{2}\)(B) nanobelts were transformed to Mo-doped \(\hbox {V}_{2}\hbox {O}_{5}\) nanobelts by calcination at \(400{^{\circ }}\hbox {C}\) under an air atmosphere. The samples were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction, energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer, elemental mapping, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence and transmission electron microscopy techniques. The results showed that Mo-doped \(\hbox {VO}_{2}\)(B) and \(\hbox {V}_{2}\hbox {O}_{5}\) solid solution with high purity were obtained. The electrochemical properties of Mo-doped \(\hbox {VO}_{2}\)(B) and \(\hbox {V}_{2}\hbox {O}_{5}\) nanobelts as supercapacitor electrodes were measured using cyclic voltammetry (CV) and galvanostatic charge–discharge (GCD). The specific capacitance of \(\hbox {VO}_{2}\)(B) nanobelts slightly declines with Mo doping, however, the specific capacitance of \(\hbox {V}_{2}\hbox {O}_{5}\) nanobelts greatly improves with Mo doping. Mo-doped \(\hbox {V}_{2}\hbox {O}_{5}\) nanobelts exhibit the specific capacitance as high as 526 F \(\hbox {g}^{-1}\) at the current density of 1 A \(\hbox {g}^{-1}\). Both CV and GCD curves show that they have good rate capability and retain 464, 380, 324 and 273 F \(\hbox {g}^{-1}\) even at a high-current density of 2, 5, 10 and 20 A \(\hbox {g}^{-1}\), respectively. It turns out that Mo-doped \(\hbox {V}_{2}\hbox {O}_{5}\) nanobelts are ideal materials for supercapacitor electrodes in the present work.


Mo-doped \(\hbox {VO}_{2}\)(B) nanobelts Mo-doped \(\hbox {V}_{2}\hbox {O}_{5}\) nanobelts chemical synthesis electrochemical properties specific capacitance 



This work was partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 21601026 and 21771030) and Doctoral Research Foundation of Liaoning Province (201601035).


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  1. 1.School of ChemistryDalian University of TechnologyDalianPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Department of Chemical EngineeringCarnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburghUSA

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