Hybrid bilayer gate dielectric-based organic thin film transistors

  • BABU RAVI TEJA KARRIEmail author


Organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) are key building blocks for flexible, low cost electronics systems. They provide a viable alternative for silicon-based electronics with added advantages of low cost and flexibility. However, few issues like high-operating voltage, low-switching speed, high-leakage current and reliability are still a challenge. The overall performance of an OTFT depends on organic semiconductors and gate dielectric interface. In this paper, we review the current status and trends in the choice of dielectric layer for OTFTs. As a starting point, the performance parameters of an OTFT and their dependence on the dielectric layer are briefly discussed. A variety of dielectric materials which includes high-k inorganic, organic, surface coated inorganics and nanocomposites are also presented. The advantages and drawbacks of each of these materials are discussed in detail. We reviewed the latest developments in the dielectric materials especially, self-assembled monolayers (SAMs), hybrid bilayers and nanocomposites. SAM-based OTFTs offer several advantages but shift in the threshold voltage remains a concern. Nanocomposites are a latest addition to the dielectric materials, which offer advantages like solution processing and improved dielectric constant but have a rough surface. A hybrid bilayer that incorporates the inorganic dielectric as a base layer and a thin polymer layer over it to improve the surface properties offers several desirable characteristics over the other choices. Hence, we propose that hybrid bilayer gate dielectrics shall play a pivotal role in improving the OTFT performance.


Organic thin film transistor gate dielectric high-k inorganic low-k organic self-assembled monolayer hybrid bilayer 


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