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Interactive actions between project and communication: new ideas for passenger orientation on board

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The typology of contemporary naval vessels has been undergoing deep modifications starting from the last decades. Their increasing sizes are no longer the only parameter to identify this change, but it is necessary to take into account more extensive and complex references. The dimensions reached, for instance, by the latest-generation cruise ships are increasingly accompanied by formal and logistic solutions that make these spaces look like real parts of a town: residential areas alternate with public areas where many activities, such as commercial, recreational or sports ones, diversify. These spaces give life to a kaleidoscope of solicitations, opposed to an almost total absence of reference points in other environments that are no less important than the collective ones. Modern technologies help passengers to navigate with screens and interactive solutions, but these are not always sufficient; moreover, some companies that manage smaller, though considerable, vehicles do not have the same devices even if they must govern articulated spaces and many people. This study proposes some ideas that can develop an effective communicative approach to determine conditions of awareness in the passenger and, therefore, facilitate the permanence and orientation on board. This process can also improve the definition of the identity of the shipping company itself.

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Correspondence to Maria Linda Falcidieno or M. Elisabetta Ruggiero.

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