Childhood- Versus Adult-Onset Primary Vasculitides: Are They Part of the Same Clinical Spectrum?

  • Renato Ferrandiz-EspadinEmail author
  • Manuel Ferrandiz-Zavaler
Vasculitis (L Espinoza, Section Editor)
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Purpose of the Review

Most of the primary vasculitis in children and adults has different clinical manifestations for the same disease, which suggests that they might not be part of the same clinical spectrum and requires a different approach in order to reduce the morbidity and mortality of these patients. In this work, we review the most recent literature and the most important studies that describe and compare adult and children primary vasculitides pathogenesis, clinical presentation, and treatment approach. Accordingly, we discuss recent research involving clinical trials, comparison studies, and pathogeny for these vasculitides.

Recent Findings

Clinical manifestations in the different primary vasculitis change in predominance from adults to children. There is a female sex predominance for the ANCA vasculitides in children compared with adults, but the same treatment works in most cases for both groups.


Identifying the diverse clinical spectrum in both adults and children primary vasculitides will reduce the need to extrapolate the diagnostic criteria from one group to another and individualize it, which will allow the clinician to establish a better approach.


Systemic vasculitis Pathogenesis Pediatric vasculitides Primary vasculitides Treatment 


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