Nummular Headache

  • Danielle WilhourEmail author
  • Claire E. J. Ceriani
  • Stephanie J. Nahas
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Purpose of Review

This article reviews nummular headache (NH), including the latest literature on the epidemiological and clinical features, the most recent proposed pathophysiology, and novel management.

Recent Findings

NH is characterized by continuous or intermittent head pain confined to a focal circumscribed area (1–6 cm in diameter). It is usually of mild to moderate intensity, although some patients have severe continuous pain or disabling exacerbations. NH is a primary headache, though many secondary cases have been described. Evaluation requires exclusion of systemic and structural diseases. Gabapentin can be recommended as a first-line preventive treatment. If poorly tolerated or in refractory cases, botulinum toxin is a reasonable alternative.


NH is a fairly common disorder in patients presenting to a headache clinic. Increased understanding of NH will lead to improved outcomes. Clinical trials would lead to enhanced knowledge of NH.


Nummular headache Coin-shaped headache Circumscribed cephalalgia Epicrania Primary headache 


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