Hepatitis C-Positive Organs for Liver and Kidney Transplantation—Emerging Data and Current Management Strategies

  • Blanca C. Lizaola-Mayo
  • Hugo E. Vargas
  • David M. ChascsaEmail author
Hepatitis C (H Vargas and S Flamm, Section Editors)
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Purpose of Review

We aim to review the current guidelines and emerging data and compare the pros and cons for the use of HCV-positive organs.

Recent Findings

Some recent data suggests that the use of HCV-positive livers and kidneys safely increases the organ pool, additionally reducing wait list time, healthcare costs, and mortality.


Despite this therapeutic breakthrough, the demand for organs and waitlist mortality remains high. Every year, thousands of viable hepatitis C-positive organs are discarded. The emerging data regarding transplantation of HCV-positive organs is promising; however, further research is warranted with larger samples. A literature search was conducted using PubMed, using the keywords “transplant recipients,” “hepatitis C,” “kidney transplantation,” “liver transplantation,” “direct acting antivirals,” and “pre transplant.” Only articles in the English language were included.


Hepatitis C virus Liver transplant Kidney transplant Waitlist Direct-acting antiviral 



The authors would like to thank Diana Almader-Douglas, M.L.S, Mayo Clinic Arizona medical librarian, for her assistance and dedication.

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Conflict of Interest

Hugo E. Vargas reports grants from Conatus Pharmaceuticals, grants from Malinkrodt, grants from Griffols, other from Transmedics, and other from American Journal of Gastroenterology, outside the submitted work. Blanca C. Lizaola-Mayo and David M. Chascsa each declare no potential conflicts of interest.

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