Assessments in Forensic Practice: Book by K. Browne, A. Beech, L. Craig, & S. Chou

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Dr. Kevin Browne and his fellow psychologists set out to define the emotional aspects of criminal behavior and their implications on the field of forensic psychology. The goal of their book Assessments in Forensic Practice is to raise awareness of psychological interventions in the criminal justice system. They suggest that the “aim of psychological interventions in forensic settings is to reduce the possibility of harmful behavior directed toward self or others or that threatens the rights and safety of adults and children” (Browne et al. 2017, p. 1). The promotion of human rights and the prevention of criminal behavior will be emphasized in this review, as they are key aspects of Browne’s book. The underlying emotions that can potentially disturb mental health will also be explored.

The role of a forensic psychologist is to provide clinical assessments on individuals who have committed a crime. They offer insight as to if a particular offender will commit a crime again. Risk...



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