C. J. Najdowski and M. Stevenson: Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Contemporary Issues, Psychological Science, and the Law

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The fields of criminal justice and psychological science mesh together when looking at the complex decisions of the legal system, such as the serious choice of sentencing an individual to jail. Psychological research can look at legal issues with the new focus on emotion and behavior. One critical question that arises is why do people decide to break the law? Dr. Najdowski and Dr. Stevenson from the University at Albany’s School of Criminal Justice and the University of Evansville’s Department of Psychology, respectively, combined their expertise in a multidisciplinary book that answers this question. The name of this fascinating book is Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Contemporary Issues, Psychological Science, and the Law. The goal of the book is to raise awareness on the attitudes of jury members. These opinions feature an emphasis on the demographic background of the individual on trial.

Juries judge how likely it will be for an alleged criminal to conduct illegal behavior,...



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