Stochastic integral operator model for IS, US and WSSUS channels

  • Onur OktayEmail author


In this article, we proved that, under weak and natural requirements, uncorrelated scattering (in particular WSSUS) channels can be modeled as stochastic integrals. Moreover, if we assume (not only uncorrelated but also) independent scattering, then the stochastic integral kernel is an additive stochastic process. This allows us to decompose an IS channel into a sum of independent channels; one deterministic, one with a Gaussian kernel, and two others described by the Levy measure of the additive process.


WSSUS Stochastic integrals Levy measure Additive process 

Mathematics Subject Classification

60G51 60G10 60G57 60H25 60H05 47B80 47H40 94A40 94A05 


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