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On effective equidistribution for quotients of SL(d,ℝ)

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We prove the first case of polynomially effective equidistribution of closed orbits of semisimple groups with nontrivial centralizer. The proof relies on uniform pectral gap, builds on, and extends work of Einsiedler, Margulis, and Venkatesh.

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Author information

Correspondence to Manfred Einsiedler.

Additional information

M. A. acknowledges the support of ISEF, and SNF Grant 200021-152819.

M. E. acknowledges the support of the SNF Grant 200021-152819 and 200020-178958.

H. L. acknowledges support by Simons Foundation (426090) and NSF (DMS 1700109).

A. M. acknowledges support by the NSF (DMS 1724316, 1764246, 1128155) and Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship.

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